Flutterby Parties Princess Club

Flutterby Parties  are offering your little ones the chance to be a member of a very exclusive club.

The Flutterby Princess Club......Each member will receive a membership card, a monthly newsletter, colouring page plus a small gift from the Princesses.

Once membership is confirmed they will recieve a goody bag with their membership card, a certificate to say they are a member and a signed picture of there favourite Princess.


Every four months they will be invited to a members only tea party with the Princess's.

With face painting, glitter tattoos and story times they wont see anywhere else.

 Each month one lucky member will win a 15 minute visit with a Princess. 

Every birthday and Christmas they will recieve a card from there favourite Princess. 

Membership is just £5.00 per month, we are asing for this as e are going to put this towards helping with the up-keep of there dresses.