Fairytale Character
 Guest Appearances
"Thank you so much for a fantastic party
my daughter has not stopped talking about Tinkerbell yet"
Do you have a little princess at home that would love to invite her favorite Fairy Tale Princess to her birthday party? Look no further, for we how to contact Alice in Wonderland, Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Tinkerbell to make your little princess' dream come true!! 
This is the ultimate addition to any event.
Imagine the surprise on the children’s faces when the princess or superhero enters the room and then spends time with your daughter or son and also your party guests
Our Character Guest can:-
  •  Bring out your Birthday Cake,
  •  Interact with your guests
  • Participate in party games
  • Dance with your guests
  • Read your child's favourite short story
  • Offer photo shoot opportunites
  • Crown the Guest of Honour
  • Hand out party bags at the end of the party
Character Guest Appearances